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Healthcare organizations manage hundreds of different specialized applications, systems, and devices that must work together efficiently, securely, and without interruption. 

Health Connect combines the sophisticated service-oriented architecture (SOA) features found in ESBs with the ease of use and rapid integration associated with messaging engines. It also includes built-in support for all major health interoperability standards. The result is a health service bus that is feature-rich and scalable enough to support the most demanding healthcare settings – from hospitals to nationwide systems – while remaining light-weight and agile enough to be bundled within commercial software products.

Grapevine’s Health Connect experts have  designed, developed and implemented HL7 integration solutions for some of Ireland’s leading healthcare providers.

Our goal is to maximise your InterSystems investment though intelligent interface design, building interfaces that are reusable and provide consistent HL7 messaging across all your clinical systems, ensuring 24/7 system availability and providing round the clock systems and application support.

For more information please download or view the InterSystems Integration Information Brochure



Integration Engine

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Ensemble is used by enterprises that want advanced integration technology to overcome the limitations of traditional interface software and time-consuming point-to-point methods. 

Ensemble enables the creation of composite applications that preserve and extend previous software investments. 

As an InterSystems Ensemble Integration Partner, Grapevine offer a full spectrum of services including interface design, development, deployment and to a fully managed service.


How we help you make breakthroughs:

“RoboDJ and Ensemble proved a winning combination for us. RoboDJ enabled us to rapidly replicate our PAS data to an industry standard database. Ensemble provided us with the secure delivery of key patient events in HL7 to NIMIS. Both products saved us months in development time ”

-Breeda Feeney, Senior Systems Analyst, Waterford Regional Hospital

  • Transform separate applications into a unified suite

  • Enhance legacy applications

  • Gain competitive advantages with new “connectable” applications

  • Integrate mobile apps with enterprise applications and data

  • Use analytics to deliver insights based on enterprise–wide data


High-performance multi-model database

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InterSystems Caché is a high-performance database that powers transaction processing applications around the world.

Caché technology combines an object database, high-performance SQL, and powerful multidimensional data access - all of which can simultaneously access the same data. 

Caché supports many technologies including Java, JDBC, ActiveX, .NET, C++, ODBC, XML, SOAP, Perl, Python, REST, Web Services and many more to provide a rich development environment for any device or platform.

Grapevine have a dedicated and experienced team of Caché experts who have worked with many high-profile clients such as Dublin City Council, An Post, Grafton Group, St. James's Hospital & NICR to build and support mission critical business applications running in Caché on Windows & Unix platforms.



iris Data Platform & iris for health

IRIS Data Platform & IRIS for Health are InterSystems latest technology products that set
a new level of performance for rapidly developing and deploying important applications.

A rich suite of tools and capabilities are provided in a reliable, unified platform spanning data management, interoperability, transaction processing, and analytics. 

If your business has any of the following requirements, Grapevine can provide the expertise to design, develop and deliver the solution to tailored to your unique needs

  • High-performance transaction processing

  • Real-time analysis of transactional and historical data

  • High-speed SQL queries across disparate data types

  • Ability to handle large volumes of complex data

  • Extract value from healthcare data





DSM database & programming language, which is based on the MUMPS technology platform has been the foundation for many business applications used in Healthcare & other industries throughout the world. Many of these applications are still in use today and Grapevine have the knowledge and expertise to help you support these systems. Our services include: -

  • MUMPS Database Administration
  • MUMPS Programming
  • MUMPS Data Replication to Caché
  • Migration & Upgrade of MUMPS legacy applications
  • MUMPS Support and Maintenance
  • MUMPS system Disaster Recovery Planning


Real-Time Data Analytics


InterSystems DeepSee is a Business Intelligence (BI) solution that enables the real-time analysis of transactional data, and is designed to be optimal for embedding within transactional applications.

Business users in healthcare, government, financial services, telecommunications, retail, and logistics require analysis and alerting based on current data for real-time decision making. DeepSee has four modules that provide capabilities for building data models, analytical elements, dashboards, and connections to external data sources.

DeepSee provides additional analytical functionality for InterSystems Caché, Ensemble & Health Connect technology platforms.