Integration & Interoperability

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Healthcare organizations manage hundreds of different systems, applications and medical devices that must work together efficiently, securely, and without any major downtime. 

Grapevine provide integration & interoperability expertise that helps hospitals & healthcare providers by building integration solutions that seamlessly exchanges information across
many different systems & platforms. 

Some of the vendors & products we have designed integration solutions for include HSE/NIMIS, DXC/IPM, Philips/CVIS, McKesson/Peervue, EndoRaad, Claimsure, KM Medical/Mediclaim, HSS/CRIS, Spacelabs/Sentinel, Fysicon/Cardio, Medilogik EMS.


Our integration services include:

  • Support for open standards such as HL7, FHIR

  • New Systems Integration

  • Migrate Integration from old systems

  • Integrate structured & unstructured data

  • Custom integration solutions

  • Vendor neutral integration engine, not tied to EHR/PAS


“Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds, cannot change anything”
- George Bernard Shaw


Patient Self Service

Patient Self-Service technology can transform the patient experience and reduce your operational costs. Studies conducted in healthcare reveal that you can save 60% of operational expenses in areas of patient arrivals, data capture and follow up, whilst driving significant improvements in patient experience.

Enlighten Self-Service check-in features include:

  • Fast track check-in

  • 47 Languages, including Irish

  • Update patient demographics

  • Update contact details

  • Wayfinding

  • Patient questionnaries

  • Detailed audit and reports

  • Integration to hospital data systems

  • Integrated patient call displays


By using Enlighten Auto Arrivals touch screen interface, queues at reception are dramatically reduced, saving administration costs and valuable time. Touch screen kiosks and patient call displays are centrally controlled creating a generic arrivals and call system for all patients with valid appointments, freeing up staff and reducing stress.

“There has been great acceptance of the system by both patients and staff within St. James's Hospital. This system allows patients to check in for their appointment and review and update their demographic details. The media screens allow for both health promotional material to be displayed and allows staff to communicate clinic messages with patients in ‘real time’. Improved clinic flow has resulted in increased efficiencies of staff time”

-Sharon Slattery, Assistant Director of Nursing, St. James’s Hospital

Healthcare Providers who deploy Jayex's Patient Self-Service solution will benefit from:

  • Optimising workflow

  • Informing patients

  • Reducing costs

  • Reporting changes

  • Improving patient experience

  • Removing check-in bottlenecks & delays

  • Validating patient data


For more information please download or view the Self Service Check-in Guide and the Enlighten Product Brochure.

Patient calling

Healthcare call forward solutions cater for a diverse population, with both audio and visual call support and designed to let you spend more time with your patients.

Key features include:     

  • Inclusive for all patients

  • Call by name or number

  • Multiple concurrent calls

  • Queue management

  • Flexible configuration

  • Professional communication

  • Real time status

  • Integrated with self-service

Patient Check Out

Patients can check themselves out at the kiosk and reduce queueing at the Reception

Customisable workflow and business rules – can support simple or complex process.

Advanced reporting and staff alerts

Follow-up appointment booking rules and tolerances can be set up to match appropriate appointment slots.

Kiosk system can be integrated with PAS system.

Hospital Information Display

Multi-media technology transforms the way patients are informed, free staff from answering repeated questions and release your most valuable resources for more important tasks.

Patients can view message screens in a clear and uncluttered way, helping equality and diversity. Display screens can promote additional services, display hospital information and patient calling details.

For more information please download or view the Multi-Media and Patient Calling Brochure

Patient Appointment Portal

Jayex Patient Portal - the ultimate patient self-service platform that helps Healthcare Providers to engage with patients and empower them to take better control of their healthcare needs & information.


  • Self-service management of appointments (confirm, reschedule, cancel)

  • Demographics & contact details updates

  • Patient Consent

  • Management of multiple dependents appointments

  • Automated SMS & email communication and processing of responses

  • Report special needs and requirements such as transportation or interpreter

  • Surveys and feedback including Friends and Family Test

  • Interactive wayfinding


  • Patient Portal implementation improves quality of patient care

  • For many patients, the use of Web-based information and electronic communication is “second nature”

  • Providers and staff appreciate that call volume has gone down as patients use the portal

  • Portal implementation leads to better communication, greater efficiency, and improved patient engagement

Grapevine have a deep understanding of the challenges facing healthcare organisations and we use our expertise and technology to improve patient experience through better engagement and streamlining business processes around patient care.


Patient Engagement

  • Patients are empowered to take control of their healthcare

  • Better experience for patients with health questionnaires and to provide feedback

  • Patients have better visibility of upcoming appointments and are more likely to attend

Reduced DNA & Better Planning

  • Appointment Reminders reduce DNA rates by 10-40%

  • Bi-directional communication means cancelled appointments can be offered to someone else

  • Ad hoc messages help to deal with emergencies more efficiently

Time Saving & Efficiency

  • Takes less time freed up by patients rescheduling or cancelling via portal

  • Patients take less time at the kiosk on arrival as their details get updated via portal

Improved Performance

  • Making informed decisions based on data from patient surveys and PROMs

  • Streamlining services, removing bottlenecks and improves clinic time management

  • Driving savings through investing in the right procedures for right patients


  • Benchmarking and collaborative approach for better decision making

  • Access to real-time and global data helps improve management decisions and cost savings


Payment Solutions

Grapevine Solutions announced a new range of self-service kiosk payment solutions for Healthcare Providers.

Self-service payment kiosks are convenient and allow patients to pay hospital charges at any time of the day or night, reducing administration costs and improving payment levels.

  • Convenient Payment Service

  • Cash & Credit Card Payments

  • Integrates with Billing Systems

  • Pay All or Partial Bill

  • Secure & Safe

For more information please download or view Payment Kiosk Brochure


Defero - Healthcare Messaging

Advanced Patient Communication for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are in constant communication with patients and staff, typically through costly and time consuming communication channels such as posted letters, phone or paging systems. 

Defero provides healthcare providers with a secure, dependable and cost effective text messaging system that can be used throughout the hospital for any type of communication with patients or staff. 

Some of the communication requirements that Defero can cater for, include:

  • Patient Appointment Reminders

  • Patient Appointment Cancellations

  • Requests to Reschedule Appointments

  • Waiting List Validation

  • Clinic Cancellation Notifications

  • Emergency Broadcasts to patients or staff

  • Staff Notifications for training, rostering or

  • Hospital Emergency Planning


For more information please download or view Defero Healthcare Brochure


RoboDJ - DSM Database Replication

RoboDJ is a database replication solution that allows healthcare providers who run legacy DSM database systems to replicate their DSM data in near real-time to a Caché database.

Designed and developed by Grapevine, this unique solution has allowed healthcare providers to access non-relational legacy hospital information, through SQL enabled Reporting and Business Intelligence tools. 

RoboDJ provides the following features and benefits:

  • Configures both source and target database systems

  • Replicates DSM data to multiple Caché databases on different servers

  • Assists in platform migration and data migration from MUMPS to Caché

  • Provides a powerful back-up to legacy systems

  • Legacy data can be mapped to relational views enabling SQL query access

  • Enables other systems to access legacy information using ODBC or Web Services

RoboDJ also includes the following add-on modules:

  • RoboDJ Indexing to index replicated data for faster data access

  • PMI Enquiry application to search & view patient master index data

For more information please download or view the RoboDJ brochure