Support Services


“Always do more than what is required of you”

-George Patton, former general in US Army


Proactive IT Support services & expert technical support team

Our support services team can hep increases your business productivity with better system performance, stability and security across all platforms and technologies. We offer a managed IT Support Service that works to prevent failures before they occur, monitors your critical infrastructure and ensures your systems are optimised for high-performance & maximum up-time.

  • You set the priority of the issue.

  • Your telephone call will be answered immediately & electronic correspondence will receive a reply within 30 minutes.

  • You will have one point of contact who will gather all the resources required to resolve your issue.

  • Our support team are empowered to spend as much time as necessary finding a solution to your problem.

  • You determine when an issue is closed.

  • We follow up to ensure you are satisfied with the resolution & service.


System Health Check


Our expert technical support team will examine your environment and provide recommendations for increasing system performance, enhancing system and application security and ensuring system configurations are optimised to meet your business requirements.


Our inspection will analyse a number of areas, make recommendations and implement the agreed system configuration changes.  We also provide regular preventative maintenance checks to identify potential problems before they become a bigger issue & ensure your systems are stable and optimised for your business requirements.


System Monitoring

Grapevine provide a range of managed services to support and maintain your technology platform and business applications. For a fixed quarterly or annual cost, we offer Maintenance Contracts, Ad-Hoc Support and Third Party Application support that is tailored to suit your business requirements and support level required. 


Our key services include: 

  • Dedicated Support Manager

  • Technical experts in all aspects off IT

  • Security, Backup and Disaster Recovery

  • Preventative maintenance checks

  • System monitoring and alerts

  • Guaranteed remote response times

  • Out of hours on-call support

  • Helpdesk service


Preventative Maintenance


Our proactive support services include frequent preventative maintenance checks that ensure your business applications, databases and platforms are kept up to date with the latest software & security patches, tuned to provide the highest performance levels and optimised to prevent system failures before they occur.