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St. James's Go-Live with Self Service Check-in and Patient Calling for Outpatient Registration

In addition to Patient Self Service Check-in, the system was also required to allow patients provide contact information, update demographic details, and participate in structured surveys as designed and managed by St. James's Hospital staff. The solution was also required to dispense patient information, support way finding and provide feedback gathering initiatives to manage outpatient departments more efficiently.

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Grapevine & Jayex selected by HSE to provide Outpatient Self-Registration in the HSE West North West area

Grapevine Solutions and Jayex Technology have been approved by the HSE to supply Outpatient Self-Registration and Patient Calling solution for the HSE’s West North West area. The joint submission by Grapevine and Jayex was ranked 1st out of all responses in terms of cost as part of an open tender, “HSE Framework Tender 3614/14 for Patient Self Registration”

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