Defero 2.2 - New release for Waiting List Validation


Grapevine’s advanced messaging solution for healthcare providers has released version 2.2 with major new features including a new Waiting List Module and Broadcast message.

Waiting lists for outpatient appointment reminders and procedures are growing annually and a major challenge for hospitals to manage and reduce waiting lists.

Defero 2.2 waiting list modules allows healthcare providers to send text messages to patients on a waiting list for a specific service or specialty. Patients receive a text message asking them to confirm if they still require the appointment they are waiting for. Patients can respond by text or phone to update their status. This simple process can reduce waiting list numbers and improve waiting times within a very short time-period.

A new Broadcast Message function has also been provided which allows healthcare providers to include a general alert message with all appointment reminders that are sent to patients. Examples of this include:

“Alert: Flu vaccine saves lives. Please get your flu vaccination now”

“Alert: Due to severe weather conditions, some hospital services may be unavailable today”

“Alert: Please remember to clean your hands before entering & leaving the hospital”