eHealth Ireland Waiting List Challenge

In August 2016 the Minister for Health set eHealth Ireland a challenge, what can digital do in a short sharp way to assist in the reduction of times to access the healthcare system? This challenge goes to the heart of how the overall Irish healthcare system’s supply and demand can be optimised. The Minister’s challenge asked that eHealth Ireland considered how to:

  • Enable a patient to see their referral in real time?

  • Enable a patient to make administrative changes to their referral without having to attend a hospital?

  • Create a reminder service for patient’s referrals?

  • Use information on referrals to better manage capacity and demand across the system?

  • Use digital to safely and efficiently manage the discharge process, so the patient is in the right setting at the right time?

Grapevine were delighted to be invited by HSE CIO (Richard Corbridge) to participate in the eHealth Ireland project to identify and propose solutions that could provide a platform to address some of the challenges identified.


The solution we proposed for the waiting list challenge is Defero. Defero was designed & developed to allow Hospitals to Reduce Patient Did Not Attend (DNA) rates & provide a timely, efficient and cost-effective system to communicate with both patients and staff. Defero offers Hospitals the tools to contact people on Waiting Lists or with long term appointments, and verify if they still require their appointment. This would help address three key areas that impact on accessing hospital services:

  • Validating Waiting Lists are accurate & up to date

  • Confirming Appointments are still required

  • Reallocating Cancelled or Rescheduled Appointments

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