St. James's Hospital Implements Self Service in the Main Outpatients Department

St. James's continues to roll out Patient Self Service Check-in to additional departments throughout the hospital. The latest phase includes the main outpatient department which supports over 250 clinics in 6 Suites & 48 consultation rooms and sees over 500 outpatients per week. The response from patients & staff was very encouraging, with the majority of patients who used the kiosks found this to be a very positive experience, saving them time and for some, it was an ideal opportunity to update their contact details. Clinical staff also welcomed the convenience of being able to call patients forward from their consultation rooms saving time & allowing them to attend to more patients.


Plans are in place to continue the roll out of Patient Self Service Check-In to the remaining outpatient departments within the St James’s campus.

St. James's Hospital is the largest acute general hospital in the Republic of Ireland and is an academic teaching hospital for Trinity College. With 1,020 beds, a staff of 3,500 and almost 350,000 patients treated each year as Inpatients, Outpatients, Daycare and emergency departments, St. James's is one the busiest acute hospitals in the country. St. James's has also been selected to be the location for the new National Children’s Hospital.”

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