Dublin City Council go live with HAPPI and Regulator32


Dublin City Council go live with HAPPI and Regulator32.
As an initial element of a Job Costing Solution for Dublin City Council, Grapevine's HAPPI™ Data Warehouse has recently gone live for Wages Payroll Data at the Council.
This is a key first step in providing a modern, detailed and flexible Job costing solution in this organisation and represents the fruition of a great deal of effort and commitment from both parties. By making available the Wages data from the Cyborg Payroll system through the technology of Grapevine's powerful data warehouse product, tasks like benchmarking estimations, retrospection calculations and management reporting are greatly simplified.
The next phase of the implementation, the Regulator32™ Distributed Data Entry Module, is in final user acceptance at present and is expected to go live very shortly. Further enhancements are also planned. Watch this space for further news!