HSE - Waterford Regional Hospital integrates with NIMIS


Waterford Regional Hospital is one of Ireland’s largest hospitals with over 500 patient beds and is one of the eight cancer centres of the HSE National Cancer Control Programme (NCCP).

In 2010 the Health Service Executive (HSE) launched a major project to provide a new National Integrated Medical Imaging System (NIMIS) to hospitals in Ireland. Waterford Regional Hospital was included in phase 2 of the NIMIS roll out and required a new system to integrate their legacy Patient Administration System (PAS) with the NIMIS system.

Waterford Regional Hospital selected Grapevine Solutions to design, develop and implement a new integration solution. Working closely with the hospitals IT department the solution was designed, developed and tested well ahead of the scheduled go live date. 

The key products used to provide the solution were:

"RoboDJ and Ensemble proved a winning combination for us. RoboDJ enabled us to rapidly replicate our PAS data to an industry standard database. Ensemble provided us with the secure delivery of key patient events in HL7 to NIMIS. Both products saved us months in development time"

-Breeda Feeney, Senior Systems Analyst, Waterford Regional Hospital

  • RoboDJ: Grapevine’s data replication product was used to replicate PAS legacy data to a new relational database.

  • Ensemble: Intersystem’s Integration product was used to provide the HL7 integration with the NIMIS national database servers.

View the case study for more information the solution provided.