An Post - HAPPI solution for Payroll, HR & Pensions

An Post, GPO, Dublin, Ireland

An Post, GPO, Dublin, Ireland

An Post is a major commercial organisation providing a wide range of services which encompass postal, communication, retail and money transmission services. It is one of Ireland's largest companies directly employing over 9,500 people through its national network of retail, processing and delivery points.

Grapevine Solutions has worked with An Post since 1996 providing a wide range of IT services and products, building custom software solutions and designing business intelligence and reporting solutions. Some of the key systems we support include the TV Licence System, Payroll/HR/Pensions Reporting System and HAPPI, our Payroll, Pensions and Personnel data warehouse.


"We required a new way to allow other An Post systems to access confidential payroll, personnel and pensions data securely and quickly. Using HAPPI was the obvious choice as it allowed us to provide a standard access method using web services"

-Syl Byrne, IT Manager Remuneration Services

An Post uses Grapevine's HAPPI Data Warehouse product to manage millions of Payroll, HR and Pensions records, Calculate Retrospective Payments, Generate Pensions Benefit Statements and much more.

View the case study on how HAPPI Web Services provides secure access to An Post employee payroll and HR information, reducing the need for individual system interfaces.