Custom Software Development

Software Design & Development Services


Leading healthcare, retail, private & public sector companies have  entrusted Grapevine with a wide range of complex, full life-cycle software development projects.

When developing custom software solutions for our clients, we focus on their needs, assign experienced in-house teams, ensure clear and transparent workflows, and use different design & development approaches suited to the clients unique requirements. 

“The advance of technology is based on making it fit in so that you don't really even notice it, so it's part of everyday life”

-Bill Gates


We create high-performance, interactive, user-friendly applications helping companies add value to their business.


Enterprise Applications

Grapevine are experts in the architecting, design and delivery of bespoke software solutions in enterprise environments, including the delivery of client-server & web applications that are responsive, scalable, highly available, and required to integrate with complex business processes. 

Legacy System Migration

Many companies run legacy systems that reach a time or set of circumstances where the system needs to be replaced or modernised. Grapevine have a proven track record migrating legacy systems to new platforms, reengineering legacy systems and modernising legacy systems to use the latest web and cloud technologies.

custom Business Applications

Many business processes require a significant amount of time and manual effort that may place constraints on how you run your business. This includes increased resource requirements, slow processing times, data quality issues and reduced customer satisfaction.

Grapevine can implement custom software solutions that will automate your business and allow you to manage your business in a more efficient and cost effective manner.


Business Intelligence Solutions


Business Intelligence solutions can cover a wide range of requirements from simple reports, data extracts and interactive dashboards through to advanced analytics and data visualisation tools. 

Grapevine have over 20+ years experience building BI & Reporting solutions for our clients in Healthcare, Finance, Retail and Public Sector. Our expert consultants and development team can help you get the most from your data. 


Consulting Services

Our consultants can help you and your team:

  • Understand what questions to ask of your data

  • Get your data into workable structures

  • Interrogate your data to search for insight

  • Use your data to predict the future

  • Visualise your data


Our consultants work with a variety of technology tools to deliver the BI solution to meet your data analysis requirements, including:

  • SAP Business Objects

  • SAP Crystal Reports

  • Microsoft PowerBI

  • InterSystems DeepSee


Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing

Cloud Platform & Services


In addition to traditional cloud offerings such as virtual machines, object storage, and content delivery networks (CDNs), Azure offers services that leverage proprietary Microsoft technologies. For example, RemoteApp allows for the deployment of Windows programs using a virtual machine, with clients on Windows, OS X, Android, or iOS using the program through a remote desktop connection. Azure also offers cloud-hosted versions of common enterprise Microsoft solutions, such as Active Directory and SQL Server.

As a certified Microsoft Application Partner, Grapevine can help with your cloud requirements:

  • Virtual Machine Hosting
  • Cloud Apps for Web & Mobile
  • Azure SQL relational Database
  • Scalable Storage solutions
  • Azure Active Directory
  • Azure Backup


Consultancy Services


OpenVMS is a multi-user, multiprocessing virtual memory-based operating system (OS) designed for use in time-sharing, batch processing, and transaction processing. 

OpenVMS is still used world-wide by many organisations running mission-critical legacy systems. 

Our OpenVMS consultants can help you with:

  • OpenVMS Administration & Support

  • OpenVMS Installation & Configuration

  • OpenVMS Disaster Recovery Planning

  • OpenVMS Cluster Design for high-availability systems